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We Offer Financial Protection in the Travel Industry; for you this means peace of mind.

There is no other travel group that protects your money in the same way as us.  Peace of MindAs of 01 July, 2014 there was a major regulatory change for the travel industry.  Licensing, as we have known it for many years gave way to a deregulated environment. The Travel Compensation Fund (TCF) was established in 1986 to compensate people who suffered monetary loss where a travel agent failed to account for monies received from consumers.  The ending of the national scheme means that consumers who pay a travel agent for travel arrangements from 1 July 2014, will no longer be eligible to claim compensation from the Travel Compensation Fund. 

helloworld memberHowever as a member of helloworld, you will be covered by the helloworld Consumer Protection Policy,  which will compensate affected consumers in the event of an agent failure. Being a member of helloworld ensures we must continue to meet very stringent financial and professional criteria and ensures you have peace of mind.




We are travel accredited and for you this means you are dealing with an Australian company that complies with Australian law and puts your interests first.  There is tremendous peace of mind knowing that you’re in the safe hands of a credible, reliable and reputable organization that will support you through the entire travel experience.



We believe customers should be spending their time looking forward to their holiday, not worrying about whether their money is safe.

All about our Consultants

Jo Francis Owner/Manager of Global Travel Solutions

Jo Francis Owner/Manager of Global Travel Solutions

Jo Francis is the Owner and Manager of Global Travel Solutions. She started in Corporate Travel in Melbourne, Managed West Australian Newspapers Travel in Perth in the 80’s & early 90’s and started her own business in 2000.

Describe Jo: Cherishes family & friends, perfectionist, passionate, fun-loving and a workaholic. Married to Stuart for more than 25 years, four gorgeous boys & Molly the whippet

Next Club Med: “Don’t make me choose! Would love to take the family skiing” 

Favourite thing about cruising: Seeing more remote destinations in comfort & also the ease of this experience as a family holiday 

Last Holiday: Travelled from New York to San Francisco via the mid-west and USA Rockies with my husband and kids and it was one of the most memorable holidays – loved it!

Last Travel Famil: I had two so close together and while so different both were excellent! I travelled to Club Med Sahoro and had 5 days skiing followed by six crazy and hectic days participating in a travel agents “Race Around Northern California”.  My team visited the Napa Valley, Sacramento and San Francisco…and our team won!

Toni Bardsley at Lake Louise

Toni Bardsley at Lake Louise

Toni Bardsley has worked in travel for over 10 years and optimises the word “dedicated”.  She works hard to ensure her clients holidays are exceptional.  She travels when she can and attends as many workshops and seminars as possible to increase her knowledge of the industry.

Describe Toni: Loves a laugh, has more energy that the ever-ready bunny, loyal, hard working and honest. Loves spending time with her two boys, recently undertook dance classes and after her last trip to Canada and Alaska is obsessed with cruising!

Next Club Med: To check out the renovations at Club Med Bali (power of positive thinking)

Favourite thing about cruising: Without a doubt – No packing and unpacking while visiting several great destinations on one holiday! 

Last Holiday: Travelled through the Canadian Rockies and then a Celebrity Cruise of Alaska from Vancouver to Anchorage (Seward)…unforgettable!

Last Travel Famil: I got to Paris!  But that’s not all…I also went to Club Med Peisey Vallandry and skied for the first time.  Club Med make this so simple and it was lots of fun.


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