Global Travel Solutions is a boutique travel business that provides a breadth of experience and a depth of knowledge across a range of specialised travel products.  We offer a consultative service rarely offered these days. We would love the opportunity to disprove that travel agents in this day and age are unnecessary or irrelevant. We believe we can add the personal touch to your holiday and the guidance to make the most of the increasingly valuable commodity, your time.

We wanted our website to reflect who we are and what we are “about”! Whether it’s a fully inclusive Club Med holiday, a cruise close to home or abroad, a complex travel experience, a ski or luxury holiday you have dreamed of;

Global Travel Solutions really is ‘the personal alternative’

Jo Francis Owner/Manager of Global Travel Solutions

Jo Francis Owner/Manager of Global Travel Solutions

Having been in the industry for over 35 years and watched how the industry has changed, we have come to understand that brilliant customer service, professionalism and honest, expert advice are as some might say – priceless!

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