Looking for something different? You’re in the right place. ‘Something Different’ is how we refer to those experiences we plan, book and manage for clients from the more traditional itineraries to the more complex to arrange.

At Global Travel Solutions we specialize in the “art of travel”. Whatever you are hoping to experience, we can help you realize the dream. Our travel agency possesses all the resources necessary to help you find the perfect travel package that will enable you to enjoy iconic destinations, new and exotic places, celebrate a special occasion or life in general, travel the road less travelled, experience something you will never forget with your family or refresh yourself by escaping from the pressures of everyday life.We want to help you find the perfect solution. We want to help you to ignite your imagination.

It would be fair to say that our clients expect us to provide an exceptional level of service and at times to push the boundaries of their expectations. Travel shouldn’t be like every other day!

Travel in Style Your Way



Something different; Perhaps you are looking for somewhere to celebrate a milestone or just wanting to indulge your yourself!  Luxury hotels, exotic destinations, remarkable lodges, inspiring train journeys, renting your own island, we can make this happen.

Family Holidays Your Way

Something different; Whether you are wanting a family safari in Africa, to take the kids to see Santa Claus house in Finland, to share the excitement of Disneyland, learning to surf in Sri Lanka, game fishing in Cabo or just finding the perfect spot to relax and share some down time, we can make this happen.

Unique Experiences Your Way

Something different; Seeing Bears or Gorillas up close and personal, lazing away days on a houseboat in Lake Powell in Utah, travelling on the mail boat up the coast of Norway, soaking in thermal pools in Turkey or dining under the ocean in the Maldives – whatever you have dreamed of doing, we can make this happen.


Your Holiday...Your Way

There are places you have always wanted to go or events you have always wanted to experience. These aren’t necessarily considered unique but it is YOUR holiday, so it is unique for YOU.  We want to make sure your holiday is a memorable one and we can make this happen.

Food & Wine Holidays Your Way

Something different; If your dream holiday involves food or wine or both, we can assist you to indulge your passion.  Perhaps you yearn to sample local produce in France, partake in a cooking class in Italy, tour with some local wine growers in Portugal and Spain, self-drive the wine trail from Hawke’s Bay to Marlborough, combine breathtaking scenery and wonderful wines in Chile or sample some of the world’s most amazing wine and food in your own back yard; Australia.  Independent or part of a tour, we can make this happen.


Some planning fees do apply for complicated itineraries, however, this fee may be deducted from your final payment unless other arrangements are agreed upon.